NEC NP-ME301W 3000-Lumen WXGA LCD Portable Projector

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  • Dual HDMI inputs ensure quick switching between inputs
  • USB Viewer allows you to present without a PC using a USB flash drive
  • Powerful 20W speaker provides volume needed for large rooms
  • ECO Mode technology helps extend lamp life and lowers power consumption
  • LCD technology provides brilliant, colorful and engaging images
  • Keystone, Cornerstone and Pinchushion ensure the image fills the screen properly from almost any angle




A greater projector – ease of use, ease of setting and ease of connection Multipurpose Projector

Projector ME401W / ME361W / ME331W / ME301W / <br />ME401X / ME361X / ME331X / ME301X

NaViSetMultiPresenter HDMI

A convenient LCD projector easily configured by convenient utility software.
Also includes several eco features, such as longer lamp life, low fan noise, energy saving technology, and a carbon meter.

NP-ME401W 4,000 lumens WXGA 2.9 kg
NP-ME361W 3,600 lumens WXGA 2.9 kg
NP-ME331W 3,300 lumens WXGA 2.9 kg
NP-ME301W 3,000 lumens WXGA 2.9 kg
NP-ME401X 4,000 lumens XGA 2.9 kg
NP-ME361X 3,600 lumens XGA 2.9 kg
NP-ME331X 3,300 lumens XGA 2.9 kg
NP-ME301X 3,000 lumens XGA 2.9 kg


Functions and Features

Settings for Greater Ease-of-Use

Easy Connection

Easily connect your projector to PCs, tablets, smart phones or other smart devices equipped with MultiPresenter application software by inputting a PIN code.

Interfaces for Various Functions

The projector is equipped with 2 HDMI inputs for projecting digital images in high quality, as well as a wired/wireless (option*) LAN port. * Make sure to choose the appropriate wireless LAN unit for the usage country or area according to the following list.

You can project computer images via USB cable instead of VGA cable. In this case, you can control your PC mouse via the projector’s remote control.

The projector also has a viewer function that lets you project data (JPEG) stored on USB memory, so you can give presentations without a computer.


Easy Configuration of Other Smart Devices by Convenient Utility Software (NaViSet Administrator 2, Virtual Remote Tool, etc.)

NaViSet Administrator 2

Virtual Remote lets you use your computer to switch the power of the projector on and off and change the input signal.

Various Keystone Corrections

Auto Vertical Keystone Correction
HV Keystone (+/- 30° manual horizontal / +/- 30° manual vertical) / Corner Stone / Pincushion Correction

1.7x Zoom

The projector has a 1.7× zoom to cover a wide projection distance, so you can setup in various locations.

Enhanced Functions for Reduced Power Consumption and TCO

A Complete Lineup of Eco Functions

The projector has an Auto Eco Mode, which automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the projected image, and an Eco Mode, which is convenient when it is too bright for small screen projection. There are Eco buttons on the projector and a remote control so you can more easily enable Eco Mode.

Improved Lamp Lifetime

The time between lamp exchanges has been improved. For Eco Mode Off and Eco Mode, the times are 4,000 and 9,000 hours, respectively.

  • *The low power design cuts energy consumption in standby to 0.23 W (100 – 130 V AC) / 0.45 W (200 – 240 V AC), which helps with TCO reduction.

Carbon Meter

This lets you check the amount of CO₂ you reduced by using Eco Mode.

NEC NP-ME301W Projector
NEC NP-ME301W Projector

Advanced Functions



MultiPresenter is application software that lets you display your device’s screen (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.) on the receiver projectors via wired or wireless LAN. MultiPresenter is free and available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. MultiPresenter can send images from your various devices, which enables you to display real-time images with the internal camera or web pages on the smart devices in combination with a file sharing application.

Desktop Version (Win/Mac)

Computer audio and video data (audio can be transmitted only when using Windows) can be transmitted via a wireless or wired LAN.

  • Easy Connection
    Input a 4-digit number (PIN code) for a network connection via wireless LAN.
  • Multiple devices (maximum of 16 screens) can display at the same time and simultaneously display onto multiple receiving projectors.
  • Projector control

Mobile Version (Android/iOS)

You can transmit files, photos, camera images, files of web pages, and other information stored on Android or iOS devices via a wireless LAN.

  • Easy Connection
    Input a 4-digit number (PIN code) for a network connection via wireless LAN.
  • Multiple devices (maximum of 16 screens) can display at the same time and simultaneously display onto multiple receiving projectors.
  • Projector control

Wireless connection image using wirelsee LAN module

Other Functions

  • Built-in speaker with a powerful 20W output
  • High contrast ratio of 12,000:1 (XGA) / 6,000:1 (WXGA)
  • Designed for a quiet noise level of 29 dB (in Eco Mode) to prevent annoying operation noises during projection.
  • Quick Power Off and Direct Power Off allow speedy clean-up and transfer after use
  • Auto Power On automatically switches on the power when the power cord is connected or a signal is input via Comp.
  • Wall Colour Correction for vivid images even without a screen.
  • Includes a remote with a control ID registration function, which allows operation of multiple projectors with a single remote.
  • Simple “DICOM SIM” mode allows for the easy of medical images.
    * Cannot be used for diagnoses of display images.
  • Control capability
    – Crestron RoomView® with emergency function
    – HTTP server
    – PJLink

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